• subject-specific tuition for all academic subjects up to Grade 12 (Government/PAT, IEB and Cambridge International)
  • all academic subjects up to Grade 12 (Government/PAT, IEB and Cambridge International)
  • one-to-one with students for short or long term interventions; depending what is required
  • specialist subject-specific tutors, general tutors (all subjects up to Grade 9, study skills, etc) and a Foundation Phase Specialist
  • one-to-one at The Learning Cove -31 Ellis Brown Road, Upper Glenwood – or online


Bev’s an academic coach; which means she helps students with study skills and the life skills they need to achieve their best academic results. 

Academic Coaching Breakdown (bearing in mind it’s tailored to each individual)

Session 1: Getting Ahead

·         Reflection and goal setting

·         Choosing new productivity habits

Session 2: Becoming Time Wise

·         Short, medium and long term planning

·         Practical systems to plan, track and remain organised

·         Where does the time go? Daily, effective time-management

Session 3: Smarter not Harder 

·         Discovering learning strengths and weaknesses

·         Learn how to work to your strengths whilst improving on weaknesses

·         Study methods for your brain

Session 4: Strategic Study Skills

·         Finding most efficient methods and approaches for mastering different types of subjects

·         Note-taking/mindmapping/pictogramming that work for YOU

Session 5: Filling the cracks

·         Identifying where and how you’re losing the most marks

·         Learning strategies to mitigate this

·         Life style choices to benefit your brain (diet, sleep, exercise, screentime, etc)

Session 6: Motivation, Effort and Reward

·         Finding your reason to put the effort in

·         Self-motivation and growth-mindedness in action

Obviously, more coaching batches can be booked and tailored to individual students’ needs. Topics can include advanced study skills, exam technique, source-based and essay type questions, as well as life-style coaching for better mental health; memory, energy, anxiety, etc.


Small group workshops – in person at TLC and online – covering the following topics:

  • reflection and goal-setting
  • time-management and planning
  • how to study
  • memory hacks
  • effective study methods for YOUR brain
  • exam preparation and technique

Check out WORKSHOPS page to see when the next series of workshops will be!


We offer subject-specific exam preparation workshops throughout the year. Experienced tutors with proven track records focus on exam prep for those tricky content areas.

Check out WORKSHOPS page for the list of upcoming workshops!

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